January 11, 2017

AIQ Vietnamese Tam Fragrant Rice

image3 AIQ Vietnamese Tam Fragrant Rice

Status: Available

Contact: Ms. Trang (+84) 961 199 568



– AIQ Tam Fragrant Rice is produced from a Vietnamese premium fragrance rice variety which is selected by AIQ R&D Center.

– Grains are long, translucent and glossy. Cooked rice delivers fresh frangrance and tasty flavor.

Cooking Instructions:

Step 1: Take the amount of rice according to your demand

Step 2: Wash the rice with clean water (use your hand to rub gently in order to avoid losing nutrient in rice)

Step 3: Put rice and water into the rice cooker. Rice to water ratio is 1:1,1

Step 4: Steep the rice in water for about 5 minutes before cooking. It will help to make the rice softer.

Step 5: Press “Cook” button.

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